Cleanses Page


Fresh juice is a part of a well-balanced diet and is an important tool for achieving good health. Juice cleansing allows calorie reduction without nutrient deprivation, promotes healthy eating habits, provides a delicious way to consume fresh produce and floods the body with micronutrients.

Sublime Tree’s juice cleanses are also an awesome way to detox and lose weight.  Juice cleansers often report weight loss of about one pound per day during a cleanse.  They are also a powerful way to avoid unhealthy processed foods.

Sublime Tree offers three delicious and nutritious juice cleanse packages.  Each of these cleanses can be done for 1, 2 or 3 days.


Sublime Tree recommends the Garden Cleanse for both beginners and experienced juicers. It includes a wide variety of fresh produce ingredients – the greens, the roots and the fruits! The Garden Cleanse is a delicious and nutritious way to cleanse, improve your health and reach your weight loss goals.


Sublime Tree recommends the Live Greens Cleanse for experienced juicers who want to achieve more intense weight loss results. This cleanse includes more vegetables and less sugar than Sublime Tree’s other cleanse options.


The Juice Till Dinner Cleanse is a good alternative for those who would like to juice during the day and eat a healthy low-calorie dinner at night. Drink 4 juices and treat yourself to one of our delicious and nutritious salad choices for dinner.