What are the benefits of cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed is a process of extracting juice from fresh vegetables and fruit.  Using the cold-pressed method, produce is shredded and then pressed in a hydraulic press.  Because this process does not use heat and does not spin the produce, oxidation is minimized and the fresh nutrients and enzymes in the juice last longer.

How long does cold-pressed juice stay fresh?

Cold-pressed juice that is refrigerated properly can last up to five days.  We recommend that our juices are consumed within 3 days to capture the most nutrients and taste.  We make our juices in small batches and juice multiple times in a day to ensure that our customers receive only the freshest juices.

Do you use organic ingredients in your juices?

Yes.  We offer a variety of organic, local and sustainably grown produce in our juices.  While we provide several organic ingredients, we prefer local produce that is sustainably grown to certified organic produce that is grown far away and that carries a larger carbon footprint.  We believe in sourcing responsibly and to us that includes local, sustainable and organic ingredients.

Are juice cleanses made to order?

Yes. All juices prepared for a customer's cleanse are made the same day that the cleanse is picked.  Thus, you can rest assured that your juices will stay fresh and taste great throughout your cleanse.  Juice cleanse orders require a one-day advance notice.